Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Dobara’ JC film has been cancelled


Who knew that after the end of Corona, Bollywood’s Naya will sink the films would start gasping after crossing the 20-crore mark? Who knew Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Dobara’ JC film morning shows would get cancelled because no one came to watch the film?

Who knew Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi’s double excel would not earn even five lakhs in three days and who knew that neither Khan nor Kapoor would be able to save Bollywood from sinking in 2022? He will come to save it, the underdog who will work to bring out the drought from the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. Karthik Aryan is the savior of Bollywood.

When the poster of the film ‘Freddy’ was released, it was understood that the story would be a romantic thriller or a romantic psychological thriller.

In this poster, the tooth on the mouth of the turtle and the rose stuck between the teeth were pointing toward the story of this film, in which the turtle can match the personality of Karthik Aryan, which is now being seen in the teaser.

That is, the one who works slowly or one who reacts slowly. After that, teeth are seen in the poster, and rose flower love romance is stuck in it, it was felt that it is a dentist’s love story until the tooth fell on the ground.

A broken tooth means the dentist’s heart is broken but now looking at the teaser, it seems that the dentist is a bit psycho type and in one scene he is carrying the corpse even while dragging it. If seen in this way, nowadays the stories are not as straightforward as they seem.

The film is full of twists. The producer of this film is Ekta Kapoor. The dentist’s personality is revealed right at the beginning of the teaser. The dentist is Innocent, Shy, Lonely, Nervous, Honest, Truthful, Quiet, Introvert, and Intelligent.

Overall sensible Pappu. But then it is shown in the teaser that all these forms of dentist sahib are loneliness, calm, looking for love and saying sorry sir saying psycho, so all this is a lot of thrill in the teaser.

Initially, until Kartik Aaryan was shown as a normal dentist, it gave a dramatic musical and motivational feel, but as soon as another form of Karthik Aryan starts appearing, it becomes suspenseful and a thriller.

Till now Karthik Aryan has been doing romantic or comedy type of characters in which he has played some very good

characters but this time he is appearing in a new type of role which he has not played before this. And looking at the teaser, one can feel the chameleon inside him, which easily adapts to a new look every time.

Along with the thriller movements, it also gives a scary feel. The concept is good Alaya Furniture Wala will also be seen as a heroine in the film.


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