Sherlyn Chopra reached the police station after fight with rakhi sawant


Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra’s war of words is not taking its name to stop. Both are fiercely targeting each other, where first Rakhi Sawant filed a defamation case against Sherlyn Chopra, and now Sherlyn has also reached the police station with her complaint. That too to file a case against Rakhi. Not only this, he made a sensational allegation about Rakhi and said that Rakhi does private events, Drama Kuveen has also taken the booking work into her hands.

In the police station, actress and model Sherlyn Chopra has said about item girl Rakhi Sawant. Sherlyn said – “Rakhi Sawant herself told me that she does private events and takes bookings for private events”.Now let’s go back a bit in this matter and narrate how Rakhi and Sherlyn met for the first time. Rakhi and Sherlyn met at the event where Rakhi asked for contact details from Sherlyn and then the next day Rakhi Sawant called comes Event queries for me, why do you come to me, are you a manager, so he said, I understand the matter. I do personal events.

After hearing so many allegations, you must have guessed that their catfight will not end so quickly, but it is increasing daily. The verbal debate of both has now reached the court. 6 Nov. On the same day, Rakhi was seen filing a complaint against Sherlyn in court with a defamation case.

Now even Sherlyn is not holding back. Sherlyn has also got a case registered against Rakhi with the police, not only this, but through her social media, Sherlyn has asked Rakhi to be ready for arrest. Sherlyn has shared a copy of her FIR on her Twitter account by tweeting through which she has lodged a complaint against Rakhi under Section 499, Section 500, Section 509, and Section 503 of IPC.

Telling that this war of words started with filmmaker Sajid Khan. This issue, which started with the case of sexual abuse, has become a huge catfight. On one hand, Sherlyn has been in the limelight recently after filing a case against filmmaker Sajid Khan under #metoo. At the same time, Rakhi has openly supported Sajid Khan and Raj Kundra.


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