Karthik Aryan will replace this superhit film of Akshay Kumar

Karthik Aryan will replace this superhit film of Akshay Kumar
Karthik Aryan will replace this superhit film of Akshay Kumar

After Bhul Bhaliya, Kartik Aaryan is now replacing Akshay Kumar in Hera Pheri Part 3. What was Akshay’s reaction when asked why he is not a part of Hera Pheri 3? Will Akshay reduce his acting fee by 30 to 40% after doing consecutive flop films? Why is Akshay making a new Indian passport? Is this an image-building exercise?

Akshay Kumar will not be seen in Hera Pheri Part 3. Yes, Akshay Kumar will not reprise his role in this much-awaited film. he has reportedly been replaced by Karthik Aryan. Commenting on this, Akshay said – “I was not happy with it. I have to do what people want to see. So I backed out. for me, ‘ HERA PHERI’ is a part of life, my journey in a huge way, I’m equally sad about it and that I’m not able to do the third part. but I’m not happy with the way things have shaped up creatively “.

Other sources suggest that the differences were probably financial. Akshay reportedly demanded 90 crores for this film while Karthik did 30 crores. Akshay Kumar’s fans are disappointed to hear this news and # no Akshay Kumar no hera pheri is trending on social media. Several fans wrote comments on social media – begging him to be part of the film and even offering to raise funds so that he could get his 90 crores acting fee.

But it looks like Akshay Kumar is paying special attention to his image and family. Recently in an event, Akshay said that he has relinquished his controversial Canadian citizenship and soon he will get an Indian passport. Akshay told that formalities have been delayed due to the pandemic but very soon he will become Indian by heart and passport.

This year many big-budget Bollywood films have flopped badly and the small-budget high concept has become successful. In an event, Akshay said – “AUDIENCES WANTS SOMETHING DIFFERENT. IT IS OUR FAULT NOT THE AUDIENCE FAULT THAT THEY ARE NOT COMING . WE HAVE TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT “.
Akshay also said that the actors, producers, and theater owners should all together reduce the cost of watching the film. They also want to reduce their fees by 30 to 40%.


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