Janhvi Kapoor was spotted in Jaipur for the promotion of this movie

Janhvi Kapoor was spotted in Jaipur
Janhvi Kapoor was spotted in Jaipur

Janhvi is promoting her film ‘Mili’ and she also had to use a sword in between promotions. She reached Jaipur to promote her film, Jaipur is famous for its Royal Heritage. Janhvi became a little too INSPIRE in Jaipur.

Janhvi is spotted with a sword. she was seen cutting the cake with a sword. Well, it was a joke and she stopped the sword in the middle and laughed. Janhvi was wearing a beautiful pink lehenga. Wearing a pink lehenga, she came out to promote her film in Pink City Jaipur.

The lehnga was a traditional look that also showed of actress’s well-toned physic. Janhvi shared pictures and videos from Jaipur on her social media pages. it looks like the mood was definitely all pink. Janhvi also opted for a traditional look for the launch of the trailer of ‘Mili’. the actress was seen wearing a beautiful red saree which she teamed up with minimal accessories and makeup.

Along with Janhvi, her father and film producer Boney Kapoor, director Mutukoti Javiya L Javed Akhtar, and her co-stars Manoj Pahua and Sathish Koshik were present at the trailer launch event. Many people compared Janhvi with her mother Sridevi who has been a legendary actress. People wanted to know what is the difference between Janhvi’s and Sridevi’s acting styles.

Janhvi’s father said being protective about his daughter:- “well it seems everybody has a different mechanism to understand the character to perform accordingly, one of the major use of Shri is perhaps she carries the same DNA. she also picks up the character and you can see the growth of her film she has done.

Boney Kapoor said, “By the time people recognized Sridevi’s talent in Bollywood, she had already done 200 films in the South Indian film industry. Janhvi has just started her career, so it’s wrong to compare her with Sridevi. Janhvi’s film ‘Mili’ is a remake of the Malayalam film ‘Helen’ and she knows that it is inevitable to compare the two films.

He said that “many people have not seen ‘Helen’ even though it is a Hindi dub. Interpreted the script and tried to add some fresh elements. When Janhvi was asked if she would work in her mother’s biopic, she got a little emotional and said – ‘No’. When asked why she said, “I don’t want to cry on stage right now.”


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