Bigg Boss ex-contestants trolled Sajid Khan on social media


Gautam Vig had given up all the ration of the house to become the captain, after which Sajid Khan’s fierce anger was seen. In anger, Sajid had given a lot of filthy abuses. Well, Sajid’s action was not liked by Devoleena and Vishal Kotian and they tweeted against Sajid.

Devoleena wrote – ” well for a sec even I thought it was a selfish decision by #Gautam vig. but it is still ok, and he has all the right to do whatever he feels within his limits. but wondering why abusing # Gautam and his mother by # sajid is not even questioned. it was filthy and cheap. @Bigg Boss #bb16.”

Vishal Koti Yan writes – “ #Sajidkhan can’t act anymore and is the real monster coming out ?? The way he abused #gautamvig is completely disgusting. Disrespecting someone’s parents is disrespecting our own. I would have broken his face. # biggboss16 .
Manya Singh became homeless last week, after which she talked about the angry side of Abdu in an interview. He said that if he always remained the same then he would have been fake. But he is acting like the atmosphere, so he is real. Getting angry is human nature and is natural.

Zeeshan Khan is a very good friend of Tina and in a conversation with the media, he commented on Tina and Shaleen’s love angle and said that if this love angle is genuine then it is very good. Well, I told them to stay away from love angles.
Nisha Rawal gets the offer of Bigg Boss every time, but this time she did not get this offer, while this year she had made up her mind to go to the show. When he was asked about Sajidkhan, he said that if he has not seen the show then it would be wrong to say anything about him. They must have been playing well.

On Friday Ka Vaar, Salman Khan was seen showering on Archana. Because Archana accused Bigg Boss of stealing her clothes.
Shaleen and Tina were seen very close in the Bigg Boss 16 house where romance was seen between the two. Tina kisses Shaleen
Abdu Rojic is in seventh heaven because he has become the captain. He said in Masti Masti that if he gets any special power, he will show Priyanka the way out.

In Shaniwar Ka Vaar, Salman will show Soundarya something that will keep her eyes wide open. Salman will show Saundarya the clip where Nimrat and Shaleen were making fun of her in front of Gautam.  Akansha follows Bigg Boss every year, but this year’s Bigg Boss is finding her quite boring. Akansha said – “I neither have any friends this time nor I am following it this time, this time BUZZ is also less, and neither I have heard anything from my friends about Bigg Boss.


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