Amir khan and kiara adwani going to get married, is it fake news

Amir khan and kiara adwani going to get married

Wherever Aamir Khan goes, controversy follows him. Sometimes they hurt the people and sometimes they reduce it in such a way that the sentiments of the people are playing with. This time there has been a lot of ruckus over what Aamir Khan did.

Aamir has once again been accused of provoking the sentiments of the Hindu religion. Actually, a new ad by Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani has come out. This ad is from a bank, but Hindu customs have been presented in a twisted manner, seeing that the anger of the people broke out.

It is shown in the ad that Aamir and Kiara are going home after getting married. In the car, both of them discuss that neither of them cried during the farewell. It is further revealed that this is contrary to common practice. The groom has come to Kiara’s house as a jamai because Kiara’s father is ill.

Aamir Khan again appears in a bank and says why should the tradition which has been going on for centuries continues, we question every banking tradition so that you get the best service. Do you people say that what is the logic of making such an ad for this bank?

Commenting on this, one person wrote, “In order to change the traditions, Urdu wood should brainwash the women of its community, but never ask whether married women do not have the right to live in their in-laws’ house.”

The next wrote “It is always a matter of respect but it is not understood why only Hindu traditions are targeted in this advertisement Foolish Aamir Khan should advertise to bring equality in his religion, like the tradition of many wives The entry of women in the mosque should also focus on the practice of burkha.

Another wrote, “Now the bank will have to make fun of Hindu traditions for selling loans, why did Aamir Khan ever do Halala, Separation from the head, Triple, Divorce, Polygamy, Taliban is marrying children, Ajmer Rap Scandal, etc. Improvement does not do films or advertisements, they make holes in the plate they eat.

With this, Vivek Agnihotri, the director of Kashmir File, has targeted Aamir Khan, he wrote that I think that the corrupt banking system should be changed to show activism, do nonsense and then say that Hindus are trolling idiots. At present, the matter has become very hot on this advertisement of Aamir, what would you say on this, do tell us by commenting below.


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